'Let Love Sparkle' Wedding Tags White (Pack of 24)

pack of 24

Let Love Sparkle sparkler tags! Tags are a great way to "dress up" the sparkler display at your wedding!

This white rectangular style of wedding sparkler labels is designed to coordinate with any wedding theme and decor. Our labels are sturdy and durable and can be held onto long after the event for memorabilia.

"Let Love Sparkle" is printed in gold ink and cut into a rectangular shape, a hole at the top and bottom of each tag makes it easy to slide each sparkler through.

1 pack contains 24 tags


How to use Sparkler Tags?


Using sparkler tags is a simple and effective way to enhance the presentation of your sparklers. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use sparkler tags:

1. Choose the right tags: Select sparkler tags that match your desired design, theme, or personalized message. Ensure they are the appropriate size to fit your sparklers.

2. Prepare the sparklers: Gather the sparklers you plan to use for your event. Make sure they are the correct length and type (e.g., wedding sparklers, regular sparklers).

3. Attach the sparkler tags: Use a small hole punch or a sharp object to create a hole at the top or side of the sparkler tag. Take a sparkler and carefully insert the handle through the hole. Adjust the tag so it is positioned near the top of the sparkler.

4. Secure the tags: Depending on the design of the sparkler tag, you can use a ribbon, string, or twist tie to secure it to the sparkler handle. Ensure it is tightly attached, but be cautious not to damage the sparkler or handle.

5. Distribute the sparklers: Once the sparkler tags are attached, you can distribute the sparklers to your guests. Place them in a designated area or incorporate them into your event's setup, such as on each guest's seat or at a sparkler station.

6. Provide instructions: If necessary, include instructions on how to safely light and hold the sparklers. This will ensure everyone can enjoy the sparkler experience without any accidents or mishaps.

Remember to prioritize safety when using sparklers, and inform your guests about proper handling techniques. Always follow any guidelines or recommendations provided by the sparkler manufacturer, venue, or local authorities.

By using sparkler tags, you can add a personal and decorative element to your sparklers, making your event more memorable and visually appealing.


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