Cake Sparklers

Duration: 50 Seconds
Length:: 6 inches
Highlights: 12" Flame with Sparks

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Transform Your Birthday Cake Into A Dazzling Light Show 

  • Total Length: 8 inches
  • Duration: 50 seconds
  • Highlights: 12" flame with sparks

Cake Sparklers are one of our most popular product and the best in the market. Make your Birthday ceremony a real show by adding these amazing Cake Sparklers to your cake. Specially designed to enhance the presentation of your cake and desserts. A plastic spike is included with each sparkler to stick into the cake. Once lit, these Premium Wedding Cake Sparklers will emit a spectacular spray of gold sparks that shoot up as high as 12 inches while producing low smoke and low odor. It is guaranteed to attract everyone's attention. 

Birthday and wedding cake sparklers:

  • Emit a warm spray of golden sparks that shoot up as high as 12 inches
  • Each sparkler will last for approximately 50 seconds
  • Come in beautiful gold, silver or black holographic paper wrapping
  • Are six inches in length
  • Give you a picture-perfect way to capture your most memorable events
  • Provide ample time for your photographer to capture long-lasting memories
  • Are a guaranteed blast for the whole party!

How you present a cake at a special event is just as important as the cake’s design and decoration. Topping a cake with vibrant sparklers will make your cake the centerpiece of the event. When you want everyone’s attention on a single focal point to honor an individual or commemorate an event, our sparkler candles will make it stand out.

How do I capture a great photo while using cake sparklers? 

Even if you have a professional photographer on-site, you may feel tempted to capture the cake reveal on your own. Take high-quality photos with your smartphone using the following tips:

  • Turn off your flash
  • Dim the lights
  • Avoid “blackout” conditions, or your phone won’t adjust to the brightness of your sparklers

Cake Sparklers are great for all types of celebrations; Birthdays, Weddings and Graduations!

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