Browse our selection of celebration novelties to get your creative sparks flying! You'll find an array of fun, whimsical additions to craft a wedding celebration or party like no one else has ever seen. Whether you're looking for ways to add an out of the box twist to a classic glass of champagne or a unique way to commemorate the bride and groom, has the perfect something for you.

Champagne Guns

One of the most classic wedding-themed icons is, of course, a celebratory champagne pop. Bring a new twist to this timeless theme with our collection of champagne novelties. Our champagne gun, which comes with a serving spout and spray diffuser, will shoot bubbly champagne to a distance up to 23 feet. You can use it as a table centerpiece or a fun wedding send-off. If this whimsical champagne gun seems too wild for your wedding, it also makes a unique addition to any other celebration — from pool parties and birthday bashes to bachelorette parties and music festivals.

Sky and Floating Lanterns

Bring a peaceful, stunningly beautiful close to your wedding with these eco-friendly, fire-resistant sky lanterns. Set your delicate white lantern free in the sky by lighting the central fuel pad and gently letting it go. Purchase enough sky lantern six-pack sets to give a lantern to each of your guests, and the night sky will soon fill with golden light.

Try our eco floating lantern set for an aquatic twist on the lantern These biodegradable bamboo-based lanterns include a tea-light candle and flame-retardant paper. Simply light the candle and set the delicate white lantern out into the water for an elegant touch. Whether you opt for floating or sky lanterns, make a wish for the happy couple as you release it into the water or world.

Bottle Sparklers

No matter what kind of party you're throwing, our selection of bottle sparkles will bring an extra burst of energy. Use these bottle sparklers to signify a wedding send-off, celebrate a birthday recipient or bring in a New Year! Whatever the reason, these bottle sparklers shout fun. Purchase bottle sparkler safety clips to ensure champagne bottles won't pop before you're ready.

Purchase Your Celebration Novelty Items Today

Bring your celebration to the next level with your choice of novelty items today. Whether you're looking for an interesting way to incorporate champagne into your celebration or a bright alternative to a sparkler send-off, has something for you. Our novelty line also includes special items such as punk sticks, silk rose petals in gold, silver and red, paper umbrella wedding parasols, colored powder canons and much more! Whichever novelty item you choose, it's sure to make your celebration truly unforgettable.

Purchase your novelty selection today to receive delivery within one to seven business days. We offer free shipping on all orders over $50 and rush shipping if necessary. No matter how late you may have left your last-minute shopping, we've got you covered!