Wedding Sparklers 36" |

Length: 36 inches long
Duration: 180 seconds (approximate)
Materials: High-grade steel rod
Highlights: Produces stunning golden sparks

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Engage your guests and create a memorable send-off with our premium quality, extended-burn 36” Wedding Sparklers. Sparklers have become the go-to wedding send-off of choice for nighttime affairs because of their celebratory vibe. Take gorgeous photographs illuminated by the soft warm golden light glow only a Sparkler can generate. Each sparkler lasts approximately 180 seconds, giving ample time to your photographer to capture the perfect send-off photo. Wedding Sparklers aren't just for send-offs; Some choose to use their Sparklers during a cake-cutting ceremony, First Dance, a Grand Entrance, or a post Wedding Reception, Birthday Parties, Fourth of July gatherings, Sweet Sixteen Entrances, Quinceañera parties and much more.

Balanced product size and burn duration 

  • Each Sparkler emits golden sparks which last approximately 3 minutes and very low smoke.
  • They light quickly when exposed to flames - guests can light sparklers from each other.
  • Sparklers provide a soft, warm and golden glow - deal for night-time photography.
  • Each sparkler is 36” in length and crafted using a strong metal wire core.  

How do I light Sparklers?

Typically a single sparkler per guest is sufficient to take send off photos, as they last 3 minutes. Here’s a way you can literally get 100 or more peoples’ sparklers lit in 30-40 seconds. First, light 5 36-inch sparklers using a windproof lighter. Then each of those 5 people go and light 5 more people’s sparklers, then each of those people go and light 5 more people up. (5+25+125). A sparkler is the best way to light another sparkler. Since 36 inch sparklers burn for 3 minutes, you still have plenty of time for the guests to get lined up again, for the bride and groom to take a leisurely walk down the path, and pose for several pictures.

Tips & Tricks

  • Save time by lighting one sparkler and use it as a source to light sparklers for other guests. 
  • Draw on a chalkboard the time and location where your Sparkler Ceremony will take place.
  • Capturing night pictures is an amazing way to have your wedding photos stand out from others.
  • Create long exposure Light Painting with our 36 Inch Sparklers. 
  • Sparklers remain hot after use for a short period of time - to cool down safely, place your sparklers in a vase with sand after use. 
  • Your guests will for sure be very excited by the idea to participate in this moment. Our 36” Wedding Sparklers are a perfect ending to a perfect day. They provide a perfect wedding send off for bride and groom. Make your Grand Exit from the reception hall fascinating and live

36" Sparklers in Bulk

Bulk pricing is available on orders of 576 sparklers or more. For pricing details, please contact our sales department at [email protected] or by phone to 1-800-750-2980.

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