Jumbo Punk Sticks

Fireworks Lighter:
These help with lighting wedding sparklers or any event with fireworks
Safer & Easier:
No open flame!
Recommended For:
Lighting large number of sparklers

Punk Sticks: The Safest and Easiest Way to Light Sparklers

Are you planning to celebrate an event with sparklers? Punk sticks are an easy, safe way to light party sparklers efficiently. Learn more about our punk sticks below.

What Are Punk Sticks?

Punk sticks are slow-burning, smoldering sticks used specifically to light sparklers, firework fuses and candles from a safe distance. These fireworks lighters look like incense sticks and help users avoid using open flames while lighting their sparklers. 

Our premium-quality punk sticks are made of bamboo and coated in compressed sawdust, and they ignite all types of sparklers. Each pack contains three jumbo punk sticks. 

How to Use Punk Sticks to Light Sparklers

Using our jumbo punk sticks for sparklers is simple! Light the end of your punk stick with a match or lighter. The punk stick's ember will glow and burn slowly from the tip to the end. The slow burn gives users ample time to set multiple sparklers aflame, so one person can move down a line of guests to light up their sparklers safely and efficiently, ensuring you have a smooth, fairytale wedding send-off. 

Punk sticks are also excellent for lighting grills or layering around a patio as natural mosquito deterrents for outdoor events or get-togethers. 

Buy Punk Sticks in Bulk From Today

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