Confetti Flick Sticks 14" White

Biodegradable White Tissue
Launch Mode:
Hand Flick
Stick size:
14 inch

14" Silver Holographic Tubes Packed With 4 Launches of white biodegradable rectangles.

Flick Sticks work with the flick of a wrist. These pre-filled 14" silver holographic-wrapped tubes can be handed out any celebration or pre-set as part of your table decoration. When the moment for celebrating comes, they're ready to go.  

Each Flick Stick comes pre-loaded with 4 shots of tissue confetti. Flick your wrist and colors fly 15' to 18'. Use: Outdoor/Indoor launches (best indoors effect with fairly high ceilings)

The Flick Stick's Confetti is biodegradable and fire resistant.


White Confetti Flick Sticks

Get your party started with a flick of the wrist! Whether you're looking for anniversary confetti, wedding confetti or want to add that flash of color and excitement to another celebration, has confetti flick sticks for you. White paper confetti wands will help you capture gorgeous photos, surprise friends and supply party decorations suitable for both indoor and outdoor celebrations. 

White Paper Confetti Wands

Also known as white paper confetti wands, confetti flick sticks are ideal for an array of fun-filled functions, including:

Why Choose White Paper Confetti Wands?

Hand out white confetti flick sticks from to guests at any celebration or use as table decorations for some pre-set party fun! Confetti flick sticks from feature:

  • Biodegradable white tissue: Our party confetti is made of 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and fire-resistant tissue paper. 
  • 14-inch holographic tubes: Each tube comes pre-loaded with four shots of tissue confetti rectangles.
  • Safe and quiet launches: Create a magical display during your special day without any big bangs or noises. Surprise and excite guests at any moment with beautiful, white confetti flick sticks.
  • Easy to use accessories: Suitable for party-goers of all ages, all you have to do to launch our confetti wands is open the cap, swing your arm and lightly flick the stick with one finger.
  • Convenient pre-wrapped bundles: Sold in packages that include 10-200 flick sticks, our white paper confetti rectangles will fly 15 to 18 feet for a charming surprise. 

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