Punk Sticks

Punk Sticks

Are you looking for a safe way to light fireworks or sparklers for an upcoming event? offers jumbo punk sticks as well as punk stick packs for any occasion. Whether you want to light sparklers for memorable wedding pictures or need a firework punk for the Fourth of July, burning punks are an effective alternative to lighters or matches.

What Are Burning Punk Sticks?

You can use burning punk sticks to light firework fuses or sparklers. Burning punks are coated with compressed sawdust and burn slowly with a glowing ember. These do not create a flame and can be used from a greater distance than a match or a lighter — making them safe and effective for any celebration! We recommend keeping punks at arm's length.

We offer the following options for punk sticks:

  • Jumbo punk sticks: Each order contains one pack of three jumbo sticks.
  • Punk sticks - Pack of 100: Each order includes one bundle of 100 punk sticks.

When to Use Punks Sticks

Use punk sticks for the following celebrations:

  • Any party with fireworks: Use punk sticks to light fireworks during your Fourth of July or New Year's Eve celebration.
  • Weddings: We recommend punks when lighting a large number of wedding sparklers as they are safer and easier for guest use. offers a variety of wedding sparklers, all of which are long-lasting and smokeless.
  • Camping trips and BBQs: These can be turned into incense sticks to deter mosquitoes!

Tips for Safe Punk Stick Use

We ensure our products are safe and effective for every occasion. When using a punk stick to light wedding sparklers, make sure to keep them at arm's length and point them away from other people.

If you decide to have guests light the way for the bride and groom, make sure the sparklers are held up but not in a canopy fashion. We recommend having guests stand in two rows for the bride and groom to run between. Make sure this is not a tunnel!

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