Heart Sparklers - 12"

Total Length:
Total Length: 12 inches
Duration: Up to 55 seconds
Highlights: Sparks follow the heart shape

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Undeniably, the most romantic Wedding Sparkler there is on the market. 


Heart-shaped, 12-inch sparklers are virtually smokeless, burn bright gold, and have easy light tips (located in the center of the heart). When lit, these sparklers burn in a downward motion on both sides of the heart until they meet at the bottom. They are perfect for using at weddings and receptions.

Lighting your Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers

Simply light the sparkler from the top center part of the heart using an open flame, such as a lighter or a match. They are perfect to use for a Wedding, Valentine’s day or any celebration.

How Many Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers should I use on my Cake or Dessert?

Depending of the size of your cake or dessert. On average, we recommend 4 sparklers per cake or cake layer. Feel free to add more.

What are other ways to use Heart Sparklers?

The most popular use for these Sparklers is to take stunning on wedding photos during a grand exit or send off. We advise ordering 2 sparklers for each guest to be sure the photographer will have enough time to capture this fantastic moment. Other customers also use those wedding sparklers for fun pictures within the bridal party. This is a good way to keep little kids cheerful and satisfied.

You can use this Sparklers to make a beautiful centerpieces on dining tables, or a cocktail area. An quick and easy way to accomplish this is to place Heart Shaped Sparklers in a vase filled with sand, along with some flowers. Be sure to leave a note for guests with instructions to light the sparklers at the right time.