Birthday Cake Sparklers

Transform a classic birthday cake into a dazzling miniature fireworks show with our selection of birthday cake sparklers! Whether you're celebrating the birth of a young child or an adult, these sparklers will add whimsy, color and liveliness to any kind of birthday party. Each cake sparkler comes wrapped in gold or silver holographic wrapping paper to bring even more shine and sparkle to your cake. Add some golden sparks to a golden day and help the birthday boy or girl feel like royalty!

Birthday Cake Sparklers Candles

These 8-inch sparklers will delight the special birthday recipient — as well as all party guests in attendance. Each sparkler comes with a plastic spike to ensure it will stick securely in the cake. Once lit, the sparklers can reach a spectacular 12-inch flame emitting bright golden sparks. The flames come with minimal odor and no smoke. Each sparkler lasts approximately 50 seconds, giving your party guests plenty of time to gather and sing a hearty round of "happy birthday."

Number Sparkler Candles

Try our birthday cake number sparklers for a special pizzazz. These premium sparklers come in numbers zero through nine, allowing you to mix and match to choose the numbers that represent the special birthday boy or girl's new age. Whether kids or adults, these number sparkler candles are a whimsical way to make a birthday cake sparkle, quite literally! If you love these number sparklers, you can use them for any occasion beyond a birthday. Select the right numbers to make the perfect addition to any anniversary or New Year's party cake.

For small cakes, we recommend limiting yourself to a maximum of three sparklers. For large or multi-tiered cakes, feel free to add a great number of sparklers — the more, the merrier. They will bring any birthday cake to a new level and make for some great photo opportunities. Each sparkler comes individually packaged.

Purchase Your Birthday Cake Sparklers Today

Whether you opt for classic sparklers or fun number candles, has you covered. You can also browse our entire birthday decor selection for other options that are sure to delight, from birthday balloons and confetti cannons to bottle sparklers and punk sticks. Our cake sparkler options will ensure your birthday party is one the special someone will add to their "best birthday ever" category.

Purchase your selection of birthday cake sparklers today, and you should receive your order within one to seven business days. offers free shipping on all orders totaling over $50, so why not stock up on enough sparklers to last for a few cakes?

There's no need to stress if you've left the birthday party planning to the last moment. We offer rush shipping if necessary to make sure you can get all the cake sparklers you need in time for the big party. Place your order of birthday cake sparklers today for a party that's sure to spark conversation and fun memories!