36" Wedding Sparkler Bucket Package (48, 36-inch)

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48 Wedding Send Offs - 36" (up to 180 sec)
Buckets are perfects:
to display sparklers
Bucket Color:
Silver Galvanized or Brown


  • Impress your guests with the brightest grand wedding send offs !
  • Pack of 48 wedding send offs size 36" (up to 180 sec)
  • Display them in the Silver Galvanized or Brown Bucket included in the package (15" tall)



Are 36 inch sparklers good for wedding?


Yes, 36-inch sparklers can be an excellent choice for a wedding send-off. Here are some reasons why they can be a great option:

1. Longer Burn Time: 36-inch sparklers typically have a longer burn time compared to shorter sparklers. They can burn for around 3 to 4 minutes or even longer, providing an extended and enchanting experience for your wedding send-off. The longer burn time allows for more photo opportunities and creates a more captivating atmosphere.

2. Enhanced Visual Impact: The longer length of 36-inch sparklers creates a more dramatic and visually stunning effect. They produce a grander display of sparkling light, making your wedding send-off even more memorable and picturesque. The extended length can create beautiful arcs and trails of light as guests wave the sparklers.

3. Ideal for Larger Venues or Outdoor Settings: If you have a larger wedding venue or plan to have an outdoor send-off, 36-inch sparklers can help make a greater impact. The longer length allows the sparklers to be seen from a distance, adding a touch of elegance and creating a spectacular visual display.

4. Suitable for Special Photography Effects: If you're working with a photographer to capture your wedding send-off, 36-inch sparklers can be ideal for creating unique photography effects. With their longer burn time and increased visibility, your photographer can capture stunning long-exposure shots, light trails, or even write words or draw shapes with the sparklers.

When using 36-inch sparklers, it's important to ensure safety and provide clear instructions to your guests on how to handle and light them. Consider checking with your venue to ensure that 36-inch sparklers are allowed and if any specific guidelines or restrictions apply.

In summary, 36-inch sparklers can add a touch of grandeur and create a breathtaking wedding send-off experience. Their longer burn time and enhanced visual impact make them a popular choice for couples seeking a more impressive and memorable exit.


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