20" Wedding Sparkler Bucket Package (48, 20-inch)

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48 Wedding Send Offs - 20" (up to 120 sec)
Buckets are perfects:
to display sparklers
Bucket Color:
Silver Galvanized or Brown







  • Impress your guests with the brightest grand wedding send offs !
  • Pack of 48 wedding send offs size 20" (up to 120 sec)
  • Display them in the Silver Galvanized or Brown Bucket included in the package (11" tall)



Are 20 inch sparklers good for wedding?


Yes, 20-inch sparklers can be a good choice for a wedding send-off. Here are a few reasons why 20-inch sparklers are often suitable for weddings:

1. Burn Time: 20-inch sparklers typically have a burn time of around 2 to 2.5 minutes, which is generally sufficient for a wedding send-off. This duration allows for ample time to create beautiful photo opportunities and a memorable exit.

2. Visual Impact: The longer length of 20-inch sparklers can create a more visually striking effect compared to shorter sparklers. The extended length adds elegance and grandeur to the send-off, making it a captivating moment for you and your guests.

3. Easy Handling: 20-inch sparklers provide a comfortable length for guests to hold and handle during the send-off. They offer a good balance between being manageable and still making a noticeable impact.

4. Versatility: 20-inch sparklers can be used in various settings, whether indoors or outdoors. They are suitable for different wedding venues, such as banquet halls, outdoor spaces, or even intimate backyard gatherings.

When using 20-inch sparklers for your wedding, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Make sure to inform your guests about proper handling techniques and provide clear instructions on how to safely light and hold the sparklers. Also, check with your venue about any specific regulations or guidelines regarding the use of sparklers.

Overall, 20-inch sparklers can be an excellent choice for creating a magical and memorable wedding send-off, offering a balance between burn time, visual impact, and ease of handling.



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