Bottle Sparklers

Duration: 45 to 50 Seconds
Special Gold Sparks:
Special Gold Sparks: 12 inches
Length: 6 inches

Special Promotion

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Our Extended Burn Bottle Sparklers Will Light Up The Night

Each Bottle Sparkler is 6 inches in length. They come in Gold and Silver wrapping. Our extended burn Bottle Sparklers emit a spectacular flame with gold sparks that shoot as high as 12 inches. The sparks last approximately 50 seconds. These Bottle Sparklers are virtually smokeless and emit low odor.

Safety Tips

Protect your servers from accidents. recommends using Safety Clips to affix the sparklers to bottles.

Tried and True

Our Vip Bottle Sparklers are trusted by major nightclubs, lounge and restaurants across the US.

Other uses

A red plastic spike is included with each individual sparkler. Simply insert the red spike into a cake or dessert

Vip Bottle sparklers are also known as bottle sparklers, Champagne bottle sparklers or nightclub sparklers.