Bottle Sparkler Safety Clip - Single

Capacity: 1 sparkler
Material: Black plastic
Bottle Neck Diameter:
Bottle Neck Diameter: 1.5 inches

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Invest on the safety of your servers and customers by propping your bottle sparklers straight upwards. These reusable safety clips are a great replacement to rubber bands and other makeshift holders. Designed to fit most bottle necks (up to 1.25" in diameter) and crafted using hard black plastic. This product can also be referred to as Tri-Clip, Sparkler Clip, Champagne Bottle Clip, Ice Fountain Attachment, Ice Fountain Bottle Clip, Ice Candle Bottle Clip or Sparkler Band.


Installation Instructions:

Hold the clip by one of the smaller opening’s with the larger opening facing the bottle and push the large clip directly onto the bottle's neck. Moderate pressure is required to attach a sparkler onto the smaller clips as it was designed to fit and hold on the a sparkler tightly.