Bottle Sparklers

Bottle Sparklers

Take your celebration to the next level with bottle sparklers! VIP, champagne or night club bottle sparklers allow guests to take pictures that will last a lifetime. Our bottle sparklers burn up to 50 seconds and are smokeless for clear, unforgettable pictures.

Shiny and Shimmering VIP Champagne Bottle Sparklers

Virtually odorless and smokeless, champagne bottle sparklers are ideal for events in a nightclub, lounge or restaurant. Use these bottle sparklers to signify a wedding send-off, celebrate a birthday or ring in the New Year. Whatever the reason, bottle sparklers will bring an extra burst of energy to the celebration.

Each of our bottle sparklers is six inches in length and shoots as high as 12 inches. Bottle sparklers come in three wrapping paper options — gold, silver and black. Our extended burn bottle sparklers emit eye-catching gold sparks. These sparks last about 45 to 50 seconds. To protect your servers and guests, we recommend using safety clips to affix the sparklers to bottles.

You can also use our bottle sparklers for wedding cakes. A red plastic spike is included with each sparkler and can be inserted into the cake or other desserts.

Best Uses for Champagne Bottle Sparklers

  • Celebratory toasts: Get everyone's attention before an important speech or toast. Just before a toast is made, bottles of champagne with sparklers attached can be brought out for all the tables. Bottle sparklers work great for weddings, college graduations, New Year's Eve, anniversaries and other milestones.
  • Wedding grand entrance: Light VIP bottle sparklers during the bride and groom's entrance, first kiss or first dance for extra illumination.
  • Wedding send-offs: Have your guests hold sparklers when the bride and groom exit after the ceremony. We recommend holding sparklers straight up in the air instead of as a canopy for safety.
  • Nightclubs and restaurants: Restaurants can use VIP sparklers for birthdays or other special events to enhance the guest experience.

Features of VIP Bottle Sparklers

Bottle sparklers are a safe, charming way to bring fun to any celebration. Characteristics of our VIP bottle sparklers include:

  • Made from high-quality materials
  • No odor and minimum smoke
  • Compatible with our bottle sparkler safety clips
  • Gold sparkles
  • Designed specifically for use on champagne bottles
  • 100% food safe

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