'Let Love Sparkle' Wedding Tags on Dark Kraft (pack of 24)

dark kraft
24 tags

Let Love Sparkle with Dark Kraft Labels! Tags are a great way to "dress up" the sparkler display at your wedding!

This dark kraft style of wedding sparkler labels is designed to coordinate with any wedding theme and décor. Our labels are sturdy and durable and can be held onto long after the event for memorabilia.

"Let Love Sparkle" is printed in gold ink and cut into a diamond shape, a hole at the top and bottom of each tag makes it easy to slide each sparkler through.

1 pack contains 24 tags


how to use sparkler tags?

Using sparkler tags is a simple and effective way to personalize and enhance the presentation of sparklers. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use sparkler tags:

1. Choose your sparkler tags: Select or create sparkler tags that match the theme or style of your event. You can find pre-designed sparkler tags or create custom ones with your desired text or design.

2. Prepare your sparklers: Make sure your sparklers are ready for use. Remove any packaging or protective covers and arrange them in a convenient location for guests to access.

3. Attach the sparkler tags: Take one sparkler tag and carefully thread it through the handle or top end of the sparkler. Position the tag so that it sits securely and is visible when the sparkler is held.

4. Secure the sparkler tag: Once the sparkler tag is in place, you can secure it using various methods. You can tie a small ribbon or twine around the sparkler handle and tag, use a small adhesive dot or tape to attach the tag, or even use a hole punch to create a hole on the tag and thread it onto the sparkler.

5. Repeat for each sparkler: Repeat the process for each sparkler, attaching a sparkler tag to each one. Take care to ensure the tags are secure but not too tight, allowing guests to easily remove them when it's time to light the sparklers.

6. Display and distribute: Arrange the sparklers with tags in a designated area or display them in a decorative container, ready for guests to grab. Consider placing a sign or instructions nearby to guide guests on how to participate in the sparkler send-off.

7. Enjoy the sparkler send-off: When it's time for the sparkler send-off, distribute the sparklers to guests and provide instructions on how to safely light and hold them. Guests can then ignite their sparklers and create a magical and memorable moment.

By following these steps, you can easily use sparkler tags to personalize and enhance the presentation of sparklers at your event, adding an extra special touch to your celebration.


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