Red, White & Blue - July 4th Package

Gold stars:
Gold stars: 1 Pack ( 2 pieces )
Pack of smoke:
Pack of smoke: 1 piece ( Blue, Red & Gray rectangles )
10" Sparklers:
10" Sparklers: 48 pieces
Pack of cake sparklers:
Pack of cake sparklers: 1 Pack ( 4 pieces )
Patriotic cannons:
Patriotic cannons: 2 pieces

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What does includes this special independence package?

  • Pack of gold stars  1 Pack ( 2 pieces ) : Star-shaped sparklers burn down both sides at the same time, giving you twice the sparkle of a traditional sparkler! The golden sparks are bright and beautiful, and the wire core means they burn with minimal smoke.
  • Patriotic cannons ( 2 pieces ): This product is compressed air cannons that are perfect for the Fourth of July or any patriotic parties. The confetti cannon will shoot red, white & blue confetti shaped as rectangles. This extra large confetti cannon has an average length of 12 inches. The confetti cannons are easy to use, simply hold in one hand and twist the bottom with the other.  The cannons will shoot the confetti up to 15 feet in the air.
  • 10″ Sparklers - 2 Pack ( 48 pieces ) : Premium quality 10” sparklers. Crafted using high grade steel rods to prevent bending and produce a virtually smokeless experience. These sparklers last approximately 40 seconds. 
  • Pack of smoke 1 Pack :  Pack of 3 smoke fountains that emit red, white and blue smoke. Performance: Individual smoke fountains that emit red, white or blue smoke.  Lasts about 30 seconds.