Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons

Confetti Cannons

Have a blast by adding a confetti cannon to your party! Our range of confetti guns come in all colors, styles and sizes for a contagiously fun way to celebrate any event. A confetti canon makes a bold statement, shooting off shiny streamers with a POP that culminates in a lively cloud of color. Whether you're looking for ways to send the newlywed bride and groom off in style, bring in the New Year with a bang or shower the birthday boy or girl with something special, these confetti cannons bring the fun to any celebration.

12-Inch & 30-Inch Confetti Cannons

Our 12-inch and 30-inch confetti cannon selection has a little something for everyone. We sell cannons in metallic gold, metallic multi-color, metallic silver, multi-color, romantic red hearts, blue and pink. We also offer novelties, such as a money-themed confetti cannon or one with a patriotic theme. Each confetti cannon is easy to operate, shooting confetti with just a flick of the wrist. Confetti will reach as far as 25 feet in the air. Eco-friendly party-goers don't need to worry — our cannons are available for use indoors or outdoors as all confetti is fully biodegradable!

Confetti Cannons for Any Occasion

Our confetti cannons will make the perfect addition to any celebration:

  • Weddings: Our metallic or white confetti canons in any color make for a dreamy newlywed send-off at the end of the night.
  • Anniversaries: Toast anniversaries in style with paper confetti cannons during announcements or dessert presentations.
  • Graduations: Congratulate a job well done at high school and college graduation parties!
  • New Year's Eve: As your party counts down to midnight, get ready to welcome the next year with some color!
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties: Help friends and family say goodbye to being single with pizazz with a fun confetti blast.
  • Valentine's Day: Try our red hearts confetti cannon to bring some extra sparkle to any Valentine's Day party.
  • St. Patrick's Day: Our silver or gold confetti cannons make perfect additions to St. Patty's Day parades.
  • Fourth of July: We sell patriotic-themed cannons that shoot off red, white and blue confetti.
  • Baby gender reveal: Pop the blue or pink cannon to announce your baby's gender in an unforgettably fun way/
  • Baby showers: Add some extra fun to your baby shower by celebrating your new addition with confetti.
  • Birthday party: Shower the birthday recipient in faux $100 bills for a novelty twist, or stick to fun multi-colored confetti.
  • Much more: The sky is the limit!

Confetti Sticks for Sale

In addition to our range of 12-inch confetti cannons, we also have confetti flick sticks for sale. These fun individual sticks contain tissue paper confetti that can fly up to 15 feet with just a twist of the wrist. These make a simple and easy addition to any party — distribute among your guests and wait for the fun to start! Available in white and multi-color in a range of sizes.

How to Clean up Confetti After the Big Event

Handheld confetti shooters are a world of fun, but have you wondered how to clean up after a special occasion? Whether you're indoors or outdoors, cleaning up your confetti is easy! Here's how: 

  • Gather your supplies: Gather up any supplies you might need, including a garbage bag, duster, broom and vacuum cleaner.
  • Dust off surfaces: Using your duster, carefully dust all surfaces — like tables, chairs and bookshelves — of confetti pieces.
  • Vacuum curtains or behind furniture: Use a vacuum cleaner to swipe up confetti in hard-to-reach places, like behind furniture.
  • Work from the top down: Gently sweep the confetti from any raised flooring toward lower surfaces.
  • Dispose of the confetti: Sweep the confetti into a small pile and place it in a garbage bag to dispose of it.

Have a Blast With Your Confetti Canon Today

No matter what type of party you're planning, your guests are sure to love the addition of bright confetti! Select from our confetti cannon options or browse our flick sticks or confetti guns. Place your order today to receive your purchase within the next seven business days. offers rush shipping if necessary to make sure you get all the confetti party supplies you need when you need them.

Purchase your selection of confetti cannons or flick sticks today, and you'll have an unforgettably fun celebration in no time!