Top Wedding Send-off Ideas For a summer Wedding

Top Wedding Send-off Ideas For a summer Wedding

Posted by Jeremy on on Jun 13th 2023

A summer wedding is a wonderful occasion to have a memorable send-off for the newlywed couple. Here are some top wedding send-off ideas that are perfect for a summer wedding:

1. Sparkler Send-Off: Sparklers create a magical and festive atmosphere. Provide your guests with sparklers, and as the couple exits, they can walk through a sparkling tunnel of light. It makes for stunning photos and adds a touch of romance to the moment.

2. Flower Petal Toss: Embrace the beauty of summer by having your guests toss flower petals as you make your exit. Choose colorful petals that match your wedding theme or opt for a mix of vibrant petals for a whimsical and fragrant send-off.

3. Bubble Exit: Bubbles add a playful and ethereal touch to your wedding send-off. Guests can blow bubbles as the couple walks by, creating a whimsical atmosphere and fantastic photo opportunities.

4. Ribbon Wands: Provide guests with ribbon wands featuring long ribbons in your wedding colors. As the couple exits, guests can wave the wands, creating a colorful and dynamic backdrop.

5. Confetti Shower: Celebrate in style with a confetti shower send-off. Choose biodegradable confetti or dried flower petals for an eco-friendly option. The burst of color and joy will make for a festive and vibrant exit.

6. Balloon Release: Have guests release colorful balloons into the sky as you make your exit. This creates a visual spectacle and a symbolic moment of letting go and starting a new chapter together.

7. Sky Lanterns: If your venue permits it, organize a paper lantern release. Guests can light and release sky lanterns into the night sky, creating a breathtaking display of floating lights.

8. Beach Send-Off: For beach weddings, consider a beach-themed send-off. Guests can hold small beach-themed props like seashells, palm leaves, or mini beach balls as they cheer on the couple.

Remember to check with your venue and consider any safety regulations or restrictions that may be in place for certain send-off ideas. Also, inform your guests in advance about the chosen send-off activity so they can participate and make the moment even more special.

Choose a send-off idea that resonates with your personal style and captures the essence of your summer wedding. Enjoy the magical moment as you begin your journey together as a married couple.