Send-Off With Confetti Cannons

Send-Off With Confetti Cannons

Posted by Sparklers.US on on Mar 23rd 2018

There's something about those simple pieces of paper floating around that evokes joy on a variety of occasions from people of all ages. Confetti has replaced rice as the throwing item of choice at many wedding send-offs, and has met that need for many couples. Origins point to rice representing growth and fertility, but in recent years, people have turned to alternative approaches that are better for the environment and more enjoyable. Confetti for a wedding send-off is the perfect way to add some color, environmental friendliness and a little oomph to your ceremony.

Different Types of Confetti Cannons offers a wide variety of wedding confetti cannons that can make any send-off fun and exciting, whether it occurs indoors or out. The cannons come in different sizes, with several colors and styles, but almost all of the confetti options are biodegradable. You don't need to worry about picking up every last piece with the knowledge that any stragglers will biodegrade into the earth without harming wildlife or the environment. They disintegrate upon exposure to rain.

1. Colors and Metallics

For the classic cannon style, we offer 12-inch confetti cannons in metallic colors, including multicolor, silver and gold confetti for your wedding. These cannons can send up a massive cloud of metallic confetti 25 feet into the air, showering down on the happy couple and sending light scattering off of the paper. They look great in photographs and engulf the couple in the confetti. We also offer a non-metallic multicolor option as well, if you'd like a more subdued effect.

2. Specialty Shapes

For an extra romantic touch, we have 12-inch cannons filled to the brim with red hearts to scatter around you. Depending on your color scheme, these can add a beautiful contrast to the white of the dress or the background of the send-off.

3. 30-Inch Cannons

If your ceremony is particularly big or you want an extra "wow!" factor, these 30-inch cannons are the way to go. They launch between 18 and 24 feet and include metallic and regular paper. These cannons hold significantly more confetti than the 12-inch ones and are great for entrance effects.

3. Flick Sticks

Confetti sticks are a perfect middle ground between the regular cannons and mini champagne poppers. The confetti is launched when you flick it forward with your wrist. Each stick will release several bursts of confetti and can launch up to 15 feet in the air. Flick sticks come in 6-inch white and multicolor, as well as 14-inch white and multicolor options. They are great for creating a continuous effect that keeps confetti floating for a long time.

4. Champagne Poppers

Perfect for kids and whole-crowd involvement, champagne poppers are small barrels that release little bursts of colorful streamers into the air. They create a loud bang when activated with a pull string. If you want to hand cannons out to a whole crowd, champagne poppers are the most affordable option. And even if your crowd isn't very large, everyone loves going back for seconds and thirds with these poppers.

The Perfect Use of Confetti at Your Wedding

If you need ideas for confetti use at a wedding, look no further. From wedding exit toss ideas to launching it on the dance floor, confetti certainly has a home at any wedding.

1. Send-Offs

Let's start with the big one — the wedding exit. Confetti makes this moment very photogenic and adds a layer of excitement that you just can't find with other items like rice or bubbles. The loud "bang" of the cannons provides the perfect cue for people to cheer as the happy couple exits the ceremony or reception. Plus, confetti floating through the air makes for an extra-beautiful photo.

Some of the ways you can use confetti for a wedding send-off include:

  • The frame: Great for small ceremonies, you can achieve a beautiful exit with this method that sends confetti up on either side of the couple as they leave their ceremony. Have one guest on each side of the door with a confetti cannon — you can also enlist the maid of honor and best man. Align the remaining guests in two lines, facing each other to form the aisle for the couple to leave through. As soon as the pair exits, have your designated launchers release the confetti toward the center of the aisle. The confetti will flood the air with color that will slowly flutter down while the couple makes their walk. Don't forget to have them pause for a kiss and some photos. Two cannons work well for parties of about 30 guests or fewer.
  • The bridal party: If your ceremony is a bit bigger, you may need to use more cannons to get the full effect. With this option, you'll need to enlist the help of the wedding party. Arm each groomsman and bridesmaid with a confetti cannon and have them line up in an aisle by the exit door. Have the rest of the guests line up down the pathway, similar to the first method. The wedding party can release all of their cannons at once as the couple exits. You can also disperse them in pairs down the aisle and have them launch their confetti in phases.
  • The crowd: Involve everyone on the guest list by giving them smaller cannons, like champagne poppers or flick sticks, depending on the size of the crowd, to release as the couple passes by them. This approach gets everyone involved and keeps the confetti going for longer.

2. "I Do" Like Confetti

Give the maid of honor and best man a special job during the ceremony. They can hide a cannon behind the officiant and release an explosion of color after the couple shares their big kiss. As they walk down the aisle, the photographer has ample opportunity for great pictures. Another way to do this is to have the couple's parents launch the cannons as the pair passes the first row.

3. First Dance

Add a little sparkle to the moment the pair takes their first dance together as a married couple. When that first note plays, have someone send up a shower of confetti over the wedding dance floor. Make sure the photographer is ready for an especially beautiful photo.

4. Reception Decor

Confetti makes for excellent decor, and if you used cannons at the exit from the ceremony, it makes for the perfect reception tie-in. You can sprinkle it over your tables and fill decorative glasses with it. Confetti can be that extra something that pulls together a decoration scheme.

5. Other Moments

There are plenty of other moments that you can embellish with confetti cannons. You could add confetti at the:

  • Cake-cutting
  • Reception entrance
  • Toasts and speeches
  • Photography sessions

Wedding Confetti Cannons From

However you choose to use confetti at a wedding, you can turn to for high-reaching, stunning, biodegradable and easy-to-use confetti cannons. We offer a variety of styles and colors to fit any occasion. Whether you want a classy, holographic send-off with metallic gold confetti or a vibrant champagne-popper extravaganza that everyone can enjoy, can supply the cannons. Browse our selection today and find the perfect wedding confetti cannons for your big day.