How to Choose the Right Size Sparkler for Your Wedding Exit 

Aug 30th 2022 has sparkler sizes that are perfect for any wedding or event. When planning your wedding exit, you may be wondering what sparkler sizes to choose and how to ensure everything goes according to plan. Luckily, we're here to help. First things first, let's define what a wedding exit is. A wedding exit, also known as a grand exit or send-off line, refers to the moment the bride and groom make their way out of the chapel and into the sunset (so to speak).

Wedding exits are excellent opportunities to take unforgettable pictures. For this reason, it's during the send-off that many people use wedding sparklers to capture stunning photos that will last a lifetime.

Which Sparkler Size Do I Need?

At, we offer several sparkler size and shape options — all with their own burn times — to ensure you have access to the perfect sparkler for your wedding. While there isn't a cut-and-dry answer for selecting the best sparkler size since every celebration is different, knowing the various sparkler sizes and what they have to offer may help inform your decision.

Our wedding sparkler options include:

  • 6-inch sparklers: These burn for approximately 50 seconds and emit an impressive spray of gold sparks that shoot as high as 12 inches into the air. This sparkler size is best used on wedding cakes.
  • 10-inch sparklers: Our 10-inch wedding sparklers burn for about 40 seconds and come with a high-grade steel rod. These smokeless rods are resistant to bending. If you plan to use them for your wedding exit, we recommend allocating about five sparklers per guest.
  • 12-inch sparklers: These sparklers remain lit for up to 55 seconds and are preferred by many due to their romantic shape. These heart-shaped sparklers burn a brilliant gold and have easy-to-light tips located at the center of the heart.
  • 20-inch sparklers: These sparklers are ideal for any send-off because they burn for up to 120 seconds and give off beautiful golden sparks.
  • 36-inch sparklers: 36-inch sparklers emit sparks for up to 180 seconds and are perfect for taking clear, bright photos.
  • Bottle sparklers - four pack: Our 6-inch bottle sparklers emit sparks for approximately 45 to 50 seconds and shoot as high as 12 inches.

What to Consider When Selecting the Best Size

When choosing the best sparkler size for your wedding exit, it's important to consider your guest size. For a guest size of 100 people, we suggest allocating two sparklers per guest and choosing a sparkler size that burns up to at least 35 seconds.

If you plan on having as many as 150 guests at your wedding, try planning on buying one sparkler per guest and making sure you select a size that burns for at least two minutes. With a guest number of up to 400, use one sparkler per guest and make sure to choose a size that emits sparks for up to three and a half minutes.

At, we suggest using either 20 or 36-inch sparklers for your wedding exit due to their long burn times.

Choose the Perfect Size Sparkler From

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