What to Consider for a Wedding Sparkler Send-Off

What to Consider for a Wedding Sparkler Send-Off

Posted by Sparklers.US on on Dec 30th 2019

Many people are now considering the wedding send-off as the new way to cap off a wedding reception. Unlike rice, streamers, flower petals and other ideas, wedding sparklers are easy to manage and allow you to capture bright, clear photos. When planning your sparkler send-off, it's essential to keep a few things in mind to ensure everything goes smoothly, your guests are satisfied and you have perfectly-timed photographs you'll cherish for years to come.

Rules and Regulations of Your Venue

One of the first things to consider for a sparkler exit is your venue. Be sure to check in with your venue to make sure they allow sparklers. Don't worry — nowadays, most sites enable sparklers because they're safe and easy to clean. In some cases, staff members may even help you plan your send-off or will rope off a particular section of the venue for your sparkler exit.

When You Should Order Sparklers

To be safe, our team of representatives at recommends buying wedding sparklers at least two weeks before your big day. Other must-know tips for buying sparklers for your wedding send-off include:

  • Purchase enough sparklers for your guests as well as extra ones for the bride and groom. You may want to take additional wedding photos before the grand exit, so it's best to be prepared. 
  • tore all wedding sparklers in a cool, dry place before the date of your wedding.
  • Buy sparklers specifically designed for weddings. Although shorter sparklers may be cute for cakes and Fourth of July celebrations, they don't make the best wedding sparklers or help photographers take incredible pictures. Sparklers explicitly created for a wedding tend to emit sparks for at least 120 to 180 seconds. This allows ample time for lighting sparklers and keeping them burning during the bride and groom's grand exit. 

How to Properly Execute a Sparkler Send-Off

After you've gotten the okay from your venue and designated a specific location for sparkler send-off, the next step in planning your sparkler send-off is nominating one helper per approximately every 25 guests. Remember to choose wisely because these helpers will be the ones handing out sparklers to each of your guests and helping them assemble in the proper formation.

Guests should stand about two meters apart and be far enough away from other participants on the opposite side of the sparkler path to ensure sparklers don't touch when they are held up.

Next, place a sign next to your sparklers bucket to signify where guests are needed and at what time. It may also help to include the grand-exit time on any programs you hand out to guests at the beginning of the ceremony. Or, let your DJ know that you want them to announce when it's time for the sparkler exit. Generally, it's best to make sure your DJ asks guests to:

  • Ensure all children are kept clear of the sparklers and lighters
  • Put down their drinks first
  • Hold sparklers high for beautiful photos

As a last tip to help you plan your wedding sparkler exit, we suggest purchasing our jumbo punk sticksor punk stick packs for smooth and natural lighting, galvanized steel buckets of sand to dispose of the burnt sparklers in (about one bucket for every 25 guests) and buckets of water for extinguishing and cooling used sparklers. 

At, it's our mission to help you create an unforgettable wedding send-off for your big day. We recommend ordering either 20 or 36-inch sparkler sizes for long-lasting burn times. Plus, you'll receive a free gift when you purchase 20 or 36-inch wedding sparklers and free shipping on all orders over $50.

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