Newlywed send off with confetti cannons

Newlywed send off with confetti cannons

Posted by Sparklers.US on Mar 23rd 2018

Little pieces of vibrant and colorful paper flying in the air often evoke a sense happiness and joy from people of all ages. Confetti sticks and Confetti Cannons sold by are made using biodegradable tissue paper. Given their nature, our biodegradable paper can be used indoors and outdoors safely. The tissue paper will eventually disintegrate when exposed to water from the rain or sprinklers.

You can create a festive effect for small ceremonies with just two Handheld Confetti Cannons. Ask two guests to stand on either side of the exit door with one handheld confetti cannon each - we will call these two guests the Launchers. Align the remaining guests to stand on both sides facing each other on a large line, forming an aisle for the bride and groom to walk in between. Be sure to instruct your Launchers to ready to launch the confetti towards the center of the aisle as soon as the bride and groom exit the door. Two confetti cannons work well for parties of 30 guests or less.

If you are organizing a bigger ceremony with more guests, you may provide Confetti Cannons to a few more guests along the aisle to produce an even bigger effect. The air will be filled with confetti instantly with confetti slowly floating and fall down over the newlywed couple as they make their way down the aisle creating an incredible and memorable moment as well as a great photo opportunity.

Our Handheld Confetti Cannons will launch tissue paper about 18 to 24 feet into the air. These handheld launchers are affordable, and can only be used once. Fill the air with confetti as newlyweds walk down the aisle, their first dance, or the Bouquet Toss.

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