What you Need to Know About Lighting & Disposing Sparklers

What you Need to Know About Lighting & Disposing Sparklers

Posted by Sparklers.US on on Nov 25th 2019

Ready to brighten up your wedding day with sparklers? wants to make your big day as memorable as possible, and that includes taking stunning pictures and lighting up the night. Sparklers are quickly replacing bird seeds and rice all across the U.S. as a dazzling and eco-friendly wedding tradition.

Steps to Light Wedding Sparklers

Before you buy sparklers for your wedding celebration, check with your venue to make sure they allow sparkler send-offs. Most sites will let you light sparklers during the big day as long as you use them safely and dispose of them properly. To ensure safety for you and your guests, follow these tips when lighting your wedding sparklers:

  • Choose a windless location: Wedding sparklers will ignite with ease out of the wind.
  • Hold the sparkler horizontally: Light all wedding sparklers at the tip furthest away from the wire handle and make sure the tip is slightly lowered.
  • Only light one sparkler at a time: When sparklers light for the first time, the end of each stick will burst into a halo of sparks. This may take you by surprise, so it's best to light one at a time.
  • Use punk sticks to light your wedding sparklers: Matches do not burn long enough to light a sparkler effectively, so it's better to opt for a punk stick, propane torch, barbecue lighter or butane lighter. Punk sticks allow you to keep your hand several inches away from the fuse and burn long enough to be effective. Check out our jumbo punk sticks or 100-pack punk sticks for lighting large numbers of sparklers. These burn slowly and are coated with compressed sawdust for maximum sparkler safety.
  • Use one sparkler to ignite additional sparklers: To make the lighting process more fun and inclusive, we recommend having the guests in your wedding party line up with sparklers in hand. Have one person light their sparkler with a punk stick and then have them light the sparkler of the guest next to them in line. Continue in this fashion for a safe and comfortable lighting ceremony. This method ensures everyone's hands are a safe distance from the initial spark.

When handling wedding sparklers, keep them at arm's length away from your face, body and clothing —  and those of the people next to you. Also be sure to supervise children who may be close to someone holding a sparkler or are using one themselves. Lit sparklers should be kept away from hair spray, nail polish, alcohol and gasoline, and you should keep at least one fire extinguisher within reach at your venue.

How to Dispose of Used Sparklers Safely

Sparklers will remain hot for some time after they've stopped burning and need to be disposed of properly. Set out buckets filled with water or sand somewhere your wedding guests will have easy access to them. Then, have guests stick their sparklers in the sand or water after use. Once the sparklers have cooled off, you'll be able to dispose of them in the trash safely. At, we offer galvanized buckets for disposing of sparklers safely.

Learn More About Lighting Wedding Sparklers

Sparkler safety includes two things — proper lighting and disposal. Now that you know how to handle sparklers safely, you can use them to make your wedding day as enjoyable as possible. If you have questions about any part of the wedding sparkler process, feel free to call us at 1-800-750-2980 or reach out to us online!

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