DIY Balloon Décor for Your Next Party

Aug 31st 2022

Get those hands — and lungs — ready. We've got the ultimate list of DIY balloon decorations to inspire the décor of your next big bash, all without breaking the bank over supplies at the nearby craft store.

Easy and Creative Balloon Decorations

Deck out your home or party venue with these balloon decorations that are as approachable as they are aesthetic and festive:

1. DIY Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands play off the quintessential Christmastime decoration made from evergreen boughs. Now, though, you're swapping pine needles for plushy, eclectic balloons strung across walls and ceilings for a creative decorative touch that doubles as a particularly wallet-friendly party decoration.

To make your balloon garlands, you'll need the following materials:

Blow up your balloons, selecting your largest to connect directly with garland's string to serve as the decoration's base. Use balloon tape to gently apply additional balloons onto that base, layering to your liking as you go along. Viola — in no time, you'll have a long string of garland balloons.

Mix and match balloon colors and sizes to add dimension to your garland. Identically sized and monochromatic balloons will do just fine, but layering a range of shades and sizes onto your base string provides an elevated look that won't look like it was thrown together at home.

2. Balloon Walls

DIY balloon walls are one of the easiest yet most impactful ways to decorate a party with balloons.

These DIY balloon backdrops are practically made for Instagram, creating a perfect background for friends and family to snap selfies or take goofy pictures with one another. They're also ultra-customizable ⁠— they can be fashioned from traditional circular elastic balloons, balloon shapes, letter balloons or any other type of balloon.

To create your balloon wall, inflate your balloon party packs, ensuring you leave enough stretch at its tail end. Tape the semi-loose tails to the wall, arranging each to create the decorative, one-of-a-kind party backdrop everyone will enjoy.

3. DIY Balloon Arch

Balloon arches make a fantastic, versatile party décor choice — and are surprisingly easy to make at home with the right crafting materials.

Set up your inflatable arch in your front yard or near your front door, serving as a creative gateway for guests to pass through to your party. Balloon arches can also be installed over buffets, serving tables, bar areas or double as aesthetic room partitions breaking up the larger party space.

Pick up the following materials to craft your DIY balloon arch at home:

  • Wire
  • Wire scissors
  • Balloon party packs
  • Balloon tape, string or twine
  • Arch base, such as a bucket filled with sand, pebbles or gravel to anchor the finished balloon arch

Begin by cutting your wire frame to your desired length. Note the longer and taller your arch, the more wires you may need to cut and twist together to create a fittingly sturdy base.

Next, inflate individual balloons to attach along your wire base. Begin tying balloons together, tail-end, in pairs of two. Then, combine two sets of balloon pairs (four balloons total) until you've created a clover-like final shape.

Apply these clover-shaped foursomes to your wire base using balloon tape or string. These clover pods will create a fully covered yet staggered finished arch tricking your guests into thinking you hired a balloon artist.

4. Balloon Columns

DIY balloon columns bring your balloons to new heights — literally and figuratively.

This straightforward DIY balloon decoration requires only a sturdy standing base. Once stationed, simply inflate your series of party balloons, leaving enough stretch in the tail to pair and tie two balloons together.

String each pair with another, creating an attached set of four individual balloons ⁠— similar to crafting a DIY balloon arch. Attach each four-ballooned cluster to your base stand, then place your adorned creation near party doorways, stages or generally sprinkled around your home space for a standout piece of party décor.

Basic stand ideas you can use to build home balloon columns include:

  • Plastic pipes and plywood board base
  • Coat stands
  • Tiki torch stands
  • Standing lamps
  • Flagpoles
  • Tent poles

5. Balloon Letter Messages

Decorating with balloon letters is far more cost-conscious than having a sign professionally printed on vinyl laminate sheets. Similarly, hanging balloon letters calls for less artistic skill than handwritten letter signs and banners, taking a little pressure off your party-planning shoulders.

Use regular and oversized balloon letters and numbers to:

  • Welcome guests
  • Spell out the special guest's name
  • Display birthdays and other important celebratory dates
  • Write quirky or funny messages
  • Enhance a DIY balloon backdrop

6. Balloon Centerpieces

Centerpieces tie your party's furniture into the rest of the room's ambiance. It's a great and wallet-friendly decoration idea upping the entire look and atmosphere of your get together, all by ensuring your serving or buffet tables, as well as your general seating tables, appear as coordinated and festive as the rest of the room.

Consider any of the following DIY balloon centerpiece ideas for your next party or celebration:

7. Balloon Ceilings

Stringing balloons along your ceiling creates a whimsical effect ready to transform your space.

As a blank canvas, ceilings accommodate a range of balloon arrangements. Consider all the ways you can twist, tie and hang balloons from your ceiling to create this unique party decoration:

  • Strung, linear rows of balloons.
  • A sprawling statement ceiling atop dance floors, guest tables or stages.
  • Ornamental centerpieces hanging over serving tables, bars or guest seating.
  • Woven décor across outdoor pergolas, trellises, arbors and similar outdoor hardscapes.
  • "Floating" ceilings, partially cascading over select party areas.

Best of all, you only need a handful of basic materials to create your DIY balloon ceiling, including:

  • String, twine or fishing line.
  • Scotch tape or similar wall-friendly adhesive.
  • Balloon tape, if necessary, for tightly packed balloon arrangements, such as for a statement balloon ceiling or ornamental centerpiece.

8. Balloon Decorations Without Helium

Those of us short on time — or short of breath — can still create beautiful balloon-based decorations for their upcoming gathering. No helium tanks, electric balloon-inflating machines or extra pair of lungs required.

Balloon decoration ideas requiring only a handful of balloons include:

  • Balloon confetti: Sprinkle balloons alongside multi-colored party confetti atop your tables, bar or other serving counters to enhance plain, unadorned table cloths.
  • Balloon fairy lights: Add a handful of balloons onto fairy-style or similar string lights for additional dimension.
  • Balloon streamers: Twist and tie un-inflated balloons into small, ribbon-like streamers to hang from doorways, ceilings, chairs and other furniture for colorful pops.
  • Balloon drapes: Use scarves, fabric, curtains, bed sheets or tapestries as drapes hanging aesthetically across a room's or outdoor patio's ceiling. Tie in a handful of balloons for extra decorative effect or have the drapes collectively cascade into a balloon centerpiece.

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