Shaped Sparklers

Are you in the midst of wedding or event planning? Remember to plan for taking memorable photos. At, we want to make your wedding day or special event as magical as possible.

Create Unforgettable Moments With Heart-Shaped Sparklers

Heart-shaped sparklers are undeniably the most romantic wedding sparkler. These 12-inch sparklers are smokeless, burn bright gold and last up to 55 seconds, making them great for photo opportunities. With our heart-shaped sparklers, you won't have to worry about smoke clouds fogging up your venue.

These heart sparklers are also charming at graduations, receptions, sweet sixteens, Fourth of July parties, Valentine's Day dinners, banquets or any festivity — especially where picture taking is a must!

For wedding celebrations, we recommend using heart-shaped sparklers in the following ways:

How Do I Use Uniquely Shaped Sparklers?

Use an open flame to light the heart or star sparkler from the top center part of the shape. The sparkler will burn both sides in a downward motion until the sparks meet at the bottom. offers wedding sparklers in a variety of sizes, including 6, 12, 20 and 36-inch sizes. While smaller sparklers are ideal for cakes and temporary lighting, our longer wedding sparklers — 20-inch or 36-inch — burn between 120 and 180 seconds, leaving enough time for romantic after-dark pictures.

Other sparklers we recommend include:

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