Heart Sparklers - 7"

Total Length:
6/12 inches
Up to 35 seconds
Sparks follow the heart shape

Heart-Shaped Sparklers: The Most Romantic Sparklers

Heart-shaped sparklers are undeniably the most romantic wedding sparklers on the market. 

Our heart-shaped, 6 1/2-inch sparklers are virtually smokeless, burn bright gold and have easy light tips (located in the heart's center). When lit, these sparklers burn downward on both sides of the heart until they meet at the bottom. They are perfect for weddings and receptions.

How to Light Your Heart-Shaped Sparklers

Lighting one of these heart-shaped sparklers is easy! Simply light the sparkler from the top center of the heart using an open flame, such as a lighter or a match. These sparklers are 6 1/2inches tall and emit brilliant gold sparks for up to 35 seconds. Gold heart sparklers add flair to weddings, Valentine's Day celebrations, anniversaries and other romantic events. 

How Many Heart-Shaped Wedding Sparklers Can You Use On Your Cake or Dessert? 

The number of heart-shaped wedding sparklers you can use on your cake or desserts will depend on their size. On average, we recommend adding four sparklers per cake or cake layer. Feel free to add more.

What Are Some Unique Ways to Use Heart Sparklers?

Handing out heart-shaped sparklers as party favors is an easy way to entertain and delight wedding guests of all ages, especially little kids. Sparklers are safe, easy to use and convenient to clean up when the festivities are over. Here are some fun ways to use heart sparklers:

  • Lighting ceremonies: Couples can light these romantic heart-shaped wedding sparklers instead of a unity candle. They're also excellent for lighting before a cake-cutting ceremony.
  • Wedding send-offs: The most popular use for heart sparklers is to take stunning wedding photos during reception hall entrances and grand exits or send-offs. We advise ordering two sparkers per guest to ensure the photographer will have enough time to capture your heart-warming moment. 
  • Bridal party photos: Sprinkle a bit of sparkle into your bridal party pictures with heart-shaped sparklers. Bridesmaids can use the sparks to paint shapes like hearts, wings or halos around the bride to create fun photos.
  • Table centerpieces: You can use heart sparklers to design beautiful centerpieces on dining or cocktail tables. A quick, easy way to accomplish this is to mix heart sparklers with flowers in vases filled with glass beads or sand. Be sure to attach notes to your sparklers telling your guests when to light them up!

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When to Use Heart Sparklers

Heart sparklers are a great choice for weddings, but you can also buy them to celebrate Valentine's Day, an anniversary, a romantic date or to light up a proposal. These sparklers are wonderful for any occasion when you want to express your love for someone or something. 

To help make your wedding a night to remember:

  • Illuminate a passageway or tunnel for the newlyweds to pass through while entering or leaving the venue
  • Order two heart sparklers for each guest, so the photographer has time to capture a special moment or the couple's first kiss
  • Create unique centerpieces for the bar or buffet by bundling several heart sparklers 
  • Place heart-shaped sparklers in a sand-filled vase filled and leave a note for guests on when to light them

Deliver the Perfect Touch With 7-Inch Heart Sparklers

12-inch heart sparklers are quickly becoming the go-to sparkler of choice for weddings. Our affordable heart sparklers create a fun and romantic atmosphere by:

  • Lending versatility: With a 35-second burn time, your guests can hold these sparklers to illuminate a space for incredible pictures of the bride and groom, the wedding party and guests. 
  • Ease of use: To use this sparkler, simply light it at the top center part of the heart using a lighter or match. Once lit, the sides of the sparkler will burn down until they meet at the bottom of the heart-shaped frame.
  • Setting a romantic tone: Heart sparklers emit a warm golden spray of stunning sparks to set the mood for an unforgettable wedding. 
  • Allowing for seamless pictures: Specially designed for weddings, heart sparklers burn bright gold and are virtually smokeless for a night to remember. 

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