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As you plan your special occasion, you're probably on the hunt for little touches that add ambiance and excitement. Sparklers appeal to partygoers of all ages and offer a safe, fun way to spark delight and entertain your guests! 

How to Use Sparklers to Spice up Any Occasion

We make it easy to add flair to any event. Our sparklers come in different shapes, sizes and burn times to suit anything from intimate gatherings to large-scale weddings. Need some inspiration on how to use sparklers? Our sparklers are perfect for: 

  • Wedding send-offs.
  • Reception hall entrances.
  • Cocktail table centerpieces.
  • Bridal showers.
  • Club bottle services.
  • Dessert presentations.
  • Gender reveals.

Our Sparklers

From cake sparklers to wedding sparklers, has every kind of sparkler you'll need for a truly spectacular celebration. We stock sparklers, 10 inch, 20 inch & 36 inch sparklers in different colors and shapes, like hearts, stars and numbers. Learn more about our sparklers below.

Wedding Sparklers

Whether you need sparklers for table centerpieces or you'd like to ignite a heart sparklers in lieu of lighting a unity candle together, our wedding sparklers are highly versatile and long-lasting. 

Most sparklers burn for about twenty seconds. But at, you can opt for big sparklers for a longer, drawn-out reception hall entrance or send-off. The bigger the sparkler, the longer it burns. We have 36 inch wedding sparklers with four-minute burn times! 

Cake Sparklers

Our certified food-safe dessert sparlers elevate any cake presentation. Add number sparklers to dessert to celebrate anniversaries, milestones or important birthdays like Sweet 16s. And to personalize the presentation, you can buy colored sparklers to complement your party's colors or theme. 

Bottle Sparklers 

Popping a bottle of champagne is always fun, but bringing a sparkler into the mix adds an extra sparkle of delight — literally! Our premium-quality bottle sparklers throw gold sparks up to 12 inches high that last for up to 50 seconds. They're perfect for nightclubs, restaurants and weddings. 

The Benefits of Using Sparklers

Why should you use sparklers for your next event? Sparklers are entertaining and light up any kind of function for you and your guests. Learn more about the benefits of using sparklers:  

  • They're versatile: You can use sparklers in several ways, from table displays to wedding send-offs. Brides and grooms can light them for photographs or groups can light them in solidarity during ceremonies. 
  • They're great for photos: Our long-lasting sparklers give your photographer ample time to catch stunning photos. They also light up your guests' joyful faces. 
  • They're safe: Our sparklers are smokeless and made with high-grade steel metal rods. They provide your family, friends or customers with safe entertainment.
  • They're easy to clean up: Sparklers are easy to clean up at the end of the night. Place vases of sand or water around the venue so guests can drop them off, then collect and dispose of the vases' contents in one swoop.

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