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    Wedding Sparklers 20 inch

    Wedding Sparklers 20 inch

    20 inch Sparklers for Wedding Send-Offs Make your wedding day truly unforgettable with our premium …

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How to Use Sparklers to Spice up Any Occasion

Sparklers are a fantastic way to add a touch of excitement and magic to any occasion. Here are some tips on how to use sparklers to spice up your event:

  • Safety First: Before using sparklers, ensure you follow safety guidelines. Keep a bucket of water nearby for extinguishing sparklers, designate a clear and open area for use, and always supervise children when they are handling sparklers.
  • Grand Entrances or Exits: Make a grand entrance or exit at weddings, parties, or special events by having guests line up on both sides, holding sparklers. Walk through the sparkling pathway, creating a memorable and enchanting moment.
  • Cake Toppers: Insert sparklers into the cake as a dazzling alternative to traditional candles. Light them just before bringing out the cake, and watch as the sparks dance and twinkle, creating a stunning display.
  • Birthday Celebrations: Sparklers are perfect for birthday celebrations. Light them up as the guest of honor enters the room or during the singing of "Happy Birthday." It adds an extra element of surprise and joy to the festivities.
  • Photo Opportunities: Sparklers create stunning visual effects in photographs. Use them to capture unique and memorable images. Have subjects hold sparklers and move slowly in front of a camera with a long exposure setting, creating beautiful light trails.
  • Nighttime Celebrations: Sparklers are particularly captivating during nighttime events. Whether it's a New Year's Eve party, a bonfire gathering, or a beach wedding, the contrast between the dark sky and the sparkling lights will create a magical ambiance.

Remember, always use sparklers responsibly and in accordance with local regulations. Follow safety instructions provided with the sparklers, and ensure proper disposal after use. With a little creativity, sparklers can add that extra spark of joy and make any occasion truly special.

Our Sparklers

From cake sparklers to wedding sparklers, has every kind of sparkler you'll need for a truly spectacular celebration. We stock sparklers, 10 inch, 20 inch & 36 inch sparklers in different colors and shapes, like hearts, stars and numbers. Learn more about our sparklers below.

Wedding Sparklers

Enhance your wedding celebration with our range of wedding sparklers, available in 10, 20, and 36-inch sizes. These sparklers add a touch of enchantment and create unforgettable moments. Choose the 10 inch sparklers for intimate celebrations or for adding a subtle sparkle to your event. Opt for the 20 inch sparklers for a more dazzling display, perfect for grand exits and photo opportunities. For a truly grand and mesmerizing effect, our 36 inch sparklers create an impressive visual impact that will captivate your guests. Crafted with safety and quality in mind, our wedding sparklers guarantee a magical experience. Ignite the magic of your wedding day with the perfect size sparklers for your celebration. Order now and create sparkling memories that will last a lifetime.

Cake Sparklers

Add a sparkling touch to your celebration with our cake sparklers. These enchanting sparklers are designed specifically for cakes, creating a stunning visual display that will leave a lasting impression. Simply place them on top of your cake, light them up, and watch as they emit a cascade of brilliant sparks. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and special occasions, our cake sparklers add a touch of magic and excitement to any dessert. Crafted with safety in mind, these sparklers are easy to use and provide a memorable moment when the cake is served. Make your cake truly shine with our dazzling cake sparklers. Order now and elevate your celebration to a new level of enchantment.

Bottle Sparklers 

Elevate your bottle service with our mesmerizing bottle sparklers. Designed to add a touch of excitement and celebration, these sparklers transform any bottle into a dazzling spectacle. Simply attach them to the neck of the bottle, ignite, and watch as vibrant sparks illuminate the night. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and special events, our bottle sparklers create an unforgettable ambiance and make for stunning photos and videos. Crafted with safety in mind, these sparklers are easy to use and provide a captivating experience for your guests. Take your bottle service to the next level with our extraordinary bottle sparklers. Order now and make your party truly unforgettable.

Dessert Sparklers

Elevate your desserts with our dazzling dessert sparklers. Designed to add a touch of excitement and spectacle, these sparklers transform any sweet treat into a show-stopping delight. Simply insert them into your dessert, light them up, and watch as a shower of shimmering sparks illuminates the table. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, and special occasions, our dessert sparklers create a memorable and Instagram-worthy moment. Crafted with safety in mind, these sparklers are easy to use and provide a magical experience for all. Make your desserts shine and create a truly unforgettable dining experience with our captivating dessert sparklers. Order now and ignite the celebration with sparkling flair.

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