8 Piece Set of Wine Cups 16-ounce

Quantity: 8 of 16-ounce cups that are perfect for wines, sparkling juices, desserts, etc.
Made: Of BPA-Free, shatterproof plastic. Reusable or recyclable

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Perfect addition for any upscale drinking experience with our 16 ounce Clear Plastic Wine Glasses. Rounded rim for a delightful sip. The stemless tapered body prevents tipping and feels good in your hand. The BPA-Free shatterproof material makes it ideal for upscale events such as weddings, holiday celebrations, formal dinners, or anywhere you want to prevent the risk of shattered glass. Versatile for wine, water, cocktails, juice and desserts. Quantity: 8. Size: 4.5-inch Tall. Stemless Wine Glasses 16 Fluid Ounces Capacity.