Smoke Cannons

Smoke Cannons

Poof! Colored smoke cannons add thrill and surprise to any event, whether it be a birthday party, family photoshoot, graduation, gender reveal party or any other moment in life.

What Are Smoke Powder Cannons?

A smoke powder cannon, or smoke powder bomb, is a firework designed to produce smoke. The burning evaporates the dye and forces it out of the device, where it condenses to form a smoke.

Use Smoke Bombs for Unforgettable Photos

Smoke powder cannons are ideal for any celebratory event that involves lots of picture taking. Consider the following before planning your color smoke cannon photoshoot:

  1. Check the duration of your smoke bomb: We recommend longer-lasting smoke bombs for photoshoots so photographers and posers have enough time to get the perfect shot. Our smoke bomb options last for around 60 seconds and can blast smoke powder 15 to 30 feet high.
  2. Plan your shots beforehand: Take some practice shots with our smoke bombs before the real thing! You'll have to work quickly once the real smoke bomb goes off. It may take several seconds to build up enough smoke for a dramatic effect. If shooting outside, wait for a calm day. Strong winds can cause smoke to dissipate quicker.
  3. Protect your clothing: If you want to avoid clothing stains, hold smoke bombs away from your body. Or, if you're throwing a gender reveal party and asked guests to wear white shirts to stain them with blue or pink powder, then go for it!
  4. Ensure optimal lighting: Properly lit smoke will pop in photos.
  5. Check any local regulations on fireworks: Some venues restrict smoke bombs, so check ahead of time.

Gender Reveal Smoke Powder Cannons

At, we offer blue and pink smoke powder cannons to make any gender reveal party unforgettable! Our gender reveal smoke powder cannon options include:

  • Gender Reveal Smoke - two blue & two pink canisters (pack of four)
  • Fancy Supplies Pack - two pink or blue gender reveal smoke cannons (pack of two)
  • Gender Reveal Baseballs - one pink and one blue baseball

Order Your Smoke Powder Cannons Today

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