LED Ice Cubes

Up to 12 hours
Water Activated
Other Details:
Food Safe Plastic

Want to offer your guests something extraordinary at your next party? How about serving a welcome drink that glows? It's possible with glowing LED novelties! These decorative items will illuminate your party creatively and inexpensively.

Glowing Light Ice Cubes: What Are They?

Our LED ice cubes are made from an FDA compliant, freezable gel fixed tightly inside of an acrylic plastic cube. Light up ice cubes are waterproof and freezable for dropping in drinks and great for decorations.

You can use LED ice cubes in:

  • Drinks
  • Spas
  • Hot tubs
  • Flower arrangements
  • Garden decorations
  • Table decorations
  • And much more!

Create Spectacular Parties With LED Ice Cubes

Our LED ice cubes are the ideal way to spice up a party and create an enchanting evening. offers free shipping on any item over $50 and rush shipping is available for any purchase. Place your order today!

LED ice cubes are one of the hottest novelties on the market today for bars, clubs, special event planners and anyone who wants that extra 'wow' effect. They are completely safe to put into any beverage provided that they are washed with soap and rinsed thoroughly before use. LED turns on automatically if put into any conductive liquid such as water or any alcoholic beverage. The are encased in a waterproof non toxic shell and packed with coolant gel to keep your favorite beverage cool. Once the battery runs out, you can continue to freeze the ice cubes as long as you please.


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