Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon (2 Pink & 2 Blue)

Includes: 2 Pink & 2 Blue Confetti Cannons
Length: 12 inches
Color: Pink or Blue
Materials: Biodegradable Paper

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Includes 2 Pink & 2 Blue Gender Reveal Confetti Cannons

Perfect for Indoor or Outdoor Reveals.

Easy to Use and Blasts Confetti 15 to 30ft High!


Highlight the question of the party with confetti cannons. Launch blue or pink confetti 15 to 30 feet in the air with a simple, twist of the cannon's bottom trigger! The confetti cannons are crafted using lightweight biodegradable tissue paper which launches quickly then slowly drifts through the air in a colorful shower. A perfect way to capture the exciting gender reveal of your future child. 

Cannons are discretely marked on the barcode as a string of numbers and a letter at the end to denote the gender/color of tissue.

Please take a moment to review the product codes located towards the bottom of your confetti cannon and identify the appropriate color using the codes listed on the table below.

This way you will be sure to hand out the appropriate color of tissue paper to your guests!

PINK tissue paper




BLUE tissue paper