Confetti Cannon 30" Multicolor Paper

Paper Confetti - Biodegradable
Launch Mode:
Compressed Air
Total Length:
30 inches

Amp up the fun at your next party with 30-inch confetti cannons from! Whether you're planning a wedding, birthday bash, retirement party, alumni reunion or holiday function, our single-use confetti cannons are great for indoor or outdoor use. 

Add Excitement to Your Party With Single-Use Confetti Cannons 

Besides weddings and birthday bashes, color confetti cannons are popular for school fundraisers, business events, baby showers, sporting events and anniversaries. Part of what makes confetti cannons so versatile is their ease of use — activate each handheld canister with just a slight twist of the bottom piece. Each 30-inch confetti cannon:

  • Uses compressed air to launch confetti: Shoot a beautiful rainbow of multi-colored paper in the air as high as 18 to 24 feet!
  • Is affordable: At, we want every guest young and old to join in on the fun. That's why we only offer high-grade products at competitive prices. 
  • Offers a guaranteed blast: Release multi-colored metallic confetti into the air and delight onlookers of all ages. 
  • Is made from high-quality materials: Each single-use confetti cannon features durable, cardboard-like material to ensure your canister does not break before use.

As an extra precaution, aim cannons away from others before launching and do not dismantle them before use. 

Get Your Color Confetti Cannons Today 

Are you ready to turn up the fun at your next event? is your one-stop shop for all things confetti. Depending on your celebration, we also offer a variety of sparklersnovelty items and balloons

You can expect to receive your color confetti cannons within one to seven days of placing your order with standard shipping. If you need your supplies faster, send us an email at to learn about our rush shipping options. Or, give us a call at 800-750-2980 and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Place an order with now and enjoy fast delivery, superior customer service and the best quality products on the market. 

Our single-use confetti cannons are perfect for more intimate locations that don’t need large, professional-grade confetti or streamer cannons. Launch tissue streamers or tissue confetti for your next birthday party, baby shower, graduation, sporting event, or any other special occasion. Confetti will launch about 18 to 24 feet. These handheld launchers are affordable, but can only be used once. Safety Warning: Point away from the face and other people - do not dismantle Confetti Cannon before use - do not attempt to reload after use.


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