Color Smoke Powder Cannon - 12" (Pack of 6)

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Remove the cap & twist to launch
Non-Toxic & Water Soluble
Colorful cloud high in air
Colors Included:
Green, Yellow, Purple, Orange, White & Red

Color Smoke Powder Cannon - 12" (Pack of 5)

Designed to create a bright and colorful cloud of smoke. Our color smoke cannons uses corn powder dyed with water soluble, non-toxic food coloring to ensure a safe and memorable event. Simply remove the cap and with a twist of your hands it launches a smoke cloud high in the air. 

Are you preparing for your celebration, or local color run? Our Powder Smoke Cannons are perfect for your event!

  • Colors Included in Pack of 5:
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Purple
    • Orange
    • White
    • Red

Non-Toxic & Water Soluble