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The "Stern Long Stem Collection":
The "Stern Long Stem Collection": Composed of a dozen premium roses
Long: Life stern roses are the most luxurious roses in the market
Preserved at their prime state:
Preserved at their prime state: Lifetime of over three years

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The "Stern Long Stem Collection" is composed of a dozen premium roses. Nothing says "I Love You" like Stern Flowers, the perfect gift for a loved one or a special occasion. 

The original “long life stern roses” are the most luxurious roses in the market. Preserved at their prime state through a natural formula developed in the south of France the roses achieve a lifetime of over two years. The Stern roses are available in over 15 colors that glow with elegance and grace. Available for worldwide delivery.

  • A dozen 5-6cm Stern roses with 8" stems are included in the arrangement. 
  • Complimentary personalized message written in our customized stationery.
  • Complimentary gift wrapping with purchase.

*Please note that the Long Stem Collection is delivered in a box and the recipient should arrange them in a vase.