12" Confetti Cannon - $100 Dollar

EXCITING: With a 'POP', cloud of $100 Dollar confetti up to 25 ft

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12" Confetti Cannon - $100 Dollar Confetti

Wouldn’t it be great if you could shower the guests at your next party with money? As it turns out, you can. You don’t have to settle for showering your fellow revelers with small bills. Instead, you can use our Benjamin confetti cannon to make faux $100 bills rain down upon your guests.

What’s the Deal With Our Cash Confetti Cannon?

Our dollar bill confetti dispenser is just what you need to make an upcoming event fun for everyone. While our cash confetti cannon measures 12 inches, it’s still powerful enough to release 100 dollar bill confetti up to 25 feet in the air.

The premium quality confetti in this cannon is biodegradable. Whether you're holding an upcoming affair indoors or outside, you can make it rain money to delight your guests.

Did your BFF just land a sought-after promotion? Is your child getting ready to celebrate a bar or bat mitzvah or their 16th birthday? Those occasions, along with weddings, retirements and graduation parties, are just some of the instances where you might want to have a Benjamin confetti cannon on-hand.

Depending on the theme of your event, you can even use this product to make a fun-filled game. After you launch the contents of your cannon with an easy twist of your wrists, you can have your guests collect as many bills as possible. You can then give a prize to the attendee who collects the most Benjamins.

Order a Cannon From to Make It Rain Dollar Bill Confetti

If you want to shower your guests with dollar bill confetti, we encourage you to order a Benjamin confetti cannon shooter now. This product is sold as an individual item or in a pack of 12 units for your convenience. Order by 4 p.m. EST, and we’ll ship your party supplies the same day. To impress your guests with a shower of hundreds, order one or more dollar bill confetti cannons from today.